49 comments on “Outfit Post: Reaper

  1. Omg, your’re the most beautiful woman in the world. In addition, you’re extremely talented. Walking perfection, I feel jealous.
    I have a question to you – if it’s too personal, do not answer to it. What is your weight? xoxo

  2. i didn’t know if you got this on the other post, but can you consider blogging about your skin care routine, yes they don’t work for everyone individually but i’d really love to know yours, it’s so rich and healthy looking

  3. I miss you on tumblr! You’re not nearly as active on this blog. :( I’m gonna have to get a twitter for your daily musings!

  4. Hey felice im a great fan that only stumbled upon you during my photography diploma last year when someone was trying to show me a model to what i was trying to find. But as a fan of you personally now aswell as a photographer i have to ask and im sure you’ve been asked before i checked the FAQ’s but did you make your hoodie? or did you purchase it from somewhere it is freaking magnificent.
    Real sorry if its an obvious answer ive never seen anything quite like it before its brilliant.

    1. Hey lovely! There’s a link to where I got the hoodie at the bottom of the post. :) Thank you so much by the way!

  5. I know it’s uneven but I’m okay with it, I don’t do as much retouching on my images anymore or retouching in general to be honest, it’s not really something I focus my time on. :) xo

  6. This are gorgeous! I follow you since you first started and I’m fascinated of what you’ve become! Sending love from Argentina, you’re beautiful ♥ and my inspiration

  7. beauty <3 miss you girl :( you seem so absent since you left tumblr. do you think it was a mistake, maybe? <3 love you though

    1. Definitely not, best decision ever actually, I’ve been so much more productive IRL since! The endless robotic reblogging drove me mad, got very bored of it. xo

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