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While I’ve never been much of a girly-girl, I have always had an affinity with nature and flowers, so I was delighted when English Rose Cosmetics offered to send me some samples from their product range to review.

Being an English girl myself and primarily dwelling within more rural locations growing up, I spent the majority of my adolescent years helping out in my grandparent’s garden, roaming the local forests and collecting plants for my seemingly endless collection of natural ecofacts, and the reason I mention this is because for me personally, the nostalgia I experienced when using these products was instantly appealing.


Have you ever brushed past a rosebush on a rainy summer’s day, while the rose petals are still damp and the leaves are laced with droplets? That sudden burst of delicate, sweet fragrance is the only way I can accurately describe how these products smell. Not too strong, not too weak and completely void of anything artificial, these are the epitome of a classic English rose that has been lovingly transformed into a gorgeous collection of natural skincare products.

Disregarding the scent to focus on the actual content of the products themselves, below I’ve highlighted my experiences and feelings towards the two particular products which English Rose Cosmetics sent me.

Daily Defence Moisturisor (£14)

This silky gel-like cream is a rich, full-bodied moisturisor, but despite the heaviness upon first application, it soaks into the skin effortlessly and leaves absolutely no residue, giving your skin a soft primed feeling. This product also claims to “reduce redness caused in inflammation”, and while this isn’t something I can test personally, there’s definitely a distinct soothing sensation. If you’re not the kind of girl who likes wearing foundation, I will once again note how blissful the fragrance of this moustiriser is – a real treat to wear, and it gives you such a youthful feeling.

Rose Kiss Spritz (£8)

This is the first spritzer I have owned, and while the concept originally left me feeling hesitant, I needed absolutely no convincing after trying out this product. Refreshing, purifying and all-around enchanting, this rose water face spray is made with real Damask Rose, completely preservative free and is beautifully gentle to the skin. The scent is much more subtle than the Daily Defence Moisturisor, but I only found this made it more alluring. This is definitely a product that makes you feel special and spritely.

Thanks to English Rose Cosmetics I’m certain that I will spend this summer feeling like a natural floral princess.

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Eco Minerals *


Recently I received a lovely little gift package from Eco Minerals, a “100 natural, eco friendly” cosmetics company based in Byron Bay, Australia. As someone who has always been a sucker for mineral make-up, I was really excited to have the opportunity to test and review this brand, especially considering the fact that during the summer months I tend to lean towards lighter, more naturalistic products.


The first thing that really caught my attention was the packaging itself. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to product design, and personally I’ve always enjoyed clean, simplistic aesthetics, which is something that Eco Minerals has certainly stayed true to. With neutral browns and hints of gold, there’s a distinct element of ‘earthiness’ that really make these items a treat to display on your dresser, and if you’re someone who’s a perfectionist with décor (and enjoys complimenting interior design with product presentation), these are incredibly versatile – not something you’d be hiding away in your drawers or make-up box in a hurry.

Another positive aspect of these products is the size. They’re small, compact and generally perfect for any kind of travelling, (they fit effortlessly in small messenger or clutch bags), which makes them ideal for festival-goers, ladies who enjoy a good night-life or those with an active outdoor lifestyle. With the mineral foundations and blushers going for $33 AUD (approximately £18) for 4-5g, these products aren’t cheap by any means, but this is definitely counterbalanced by the quality and the fact that you can buy re-fills in sachets for just a fraction of the cost.

Below are some reviews for the particular products that Eco Minerals were kind enough to send me. Those marked with an * are the products I’m wearing in the photos which follow.

Hi Light creme – Alchemy * ($33)

When I first tried this cream it appeared deceivingly dark upon first application, and I wondered for a moment if this product would be suitable for paler skin tones, but after rubbing it into my cheeks I was instantly pleased with the results. Unlike some of the cooler, pinky-toned highlighter creams on the market, this is more of a light warm, pearlescent beige, which I’m actually finding myself much preferring during the summer months. (I tend to go silver in winter and golden in summer with my shimmers!) The consistency of the cream is also lovely – it dries ever so quickly and is incredibly light to the touch, (especially in comparison with some of the heavier creams I’ve used in the past), so it doesn’t leave any sticky or greasy residue on your cheeks, just a gorgeous golden sheen!

Mineral Eyeshadow – Coco ($22)

Once rubbed into this skin, I would say this shade is incredibly similar to what you would expect from a dark taupe shadow, only slightly warmer. Despite being matte, there is a very slight sheen to it, practically unnoticeable, but I found it to be a nice touch. It’s something that I personally would use for natural eyelid contouring, but it could certainly be used for a subtle earthy, smokey eye.

Mineral Eyeshadow – Middle Earth ($22)

This shadow is probably my favourite out of the bunch. Based on the product image featured on Eco Mineral’s website, I was expecting more of a deep golden shade, but alas, this eyeshadow is most definitely an intense brown colour, with a striking golden shimmer that I am absolutely smitten for.

Mineral Eyeshadow – Indian Summer * ($22)

I would say that Indian Summer and Middle Earth are actually very similar in terms of shade, however, Indian summer is a lot richer with more of a reddish hue, but both are definitely great natural brown shimmer shadows.

Mineral Blush – Uluru * ($33)

This is an absolutely gorgeous natural blush, described as “terracotta meets soft sunset”, which I found to be perfect as the colour isn’t too intense or dark, and it also offers a hint of shimmer to give your cheeks a celestial glow.

Mineral Bronzer – Summer ($33)

The name of this product says it all really, “classic true bronze with subtle luminance”, an absolutely divine bronzer perfect for summer, especially for those who prefer lighter golden shades with strong yellow tints rather than pinky hues.

Organic Lip Tint – Terra * ($12.95)

The first thing I noticed about this product is that the colour is slightly more pigmented than I expected, and I’m so used to lip tints being liquid that I was also quite surprised by the consistency. I would consider this to be more of a ‘slightly-more-creamy-translucent-lipstick’ above anything, or perhaps an ‘intensely-coloured-chapstick’, but don’t let my childish descriptions throw you off, this is actually a really lovely product with both the benefits of moisturisation and strong colour combined. It can be applied lightly or layered depending on how ‘loud’ you want the colour to be, and rubbing it in gives your lips a gorgeous natural ‘bitten’ look with a hint of burnt sienna.

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Furless Cosmetics *


It’s been quite some time since I last posted on this blog, and despite my recent absence, I’ve continued to receive requests from my followers about my favourite cosmetics, fashion items and places to shop. Originally I had decided to move away from the blogging scene to focus on other aspects of my life, but of course I’m still a connoisseur for all things pretty, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start occasionally sharing products and companies which I highly rate with you all!

Today I’d like to introduce you to Furless, (that is, if you haven’t heard of them already), a cruelty-free cosmetics company based in sunny Australia.

It was around two years ago that I decided to become cruelty-conscious and start replacing my old cosmetic items with those which are verified cruelty-free, and one thing I always found myself struggling with was finding synthetic make-up brushes that were both good quality and affordable. So, after years of applying make-up with my fingers and synthetic brushes which felt like the equivalent of sandpaper, I was lucky enough to discover Furless, and I was instantly intrigued by what their company claimed to offer from their products.

Firstly, if you’re a girl (or boy) who values stylish products that are aesthetically pleasing, you can already tick the box, because the look of these brushes alone is enough to warrant investing, but as for the quality, it really can’t get any better than this. (Even the packaging is stunning!) These brushes are so soft and luxurious that the hairs might as well be made from unicorn fur, and not only that, the amount of different types of brushes they offer is seemingly endless.



Whether you’re vegan, non-vegan, cruelty-free or not cruelty-free becomes completely irrelevant when it comes to Furless, because their brushes are so divine that they’re not just a cruelty-free alternative, they’re a necessity to any quality-conscious person’s brush collection, whether you be a professional, hobbyist or simply a beauty lover.



In conclusion, Furless is a luxury (yet affordable) brand within their own right that far surpass the quality of many real-fur brushes, despite being synthetic, so whether you’re seeking perfectly-defined eyebrows, seamlessly-blended eyeshadow, flawless contouring, razor-sharp eyeliner or foolproof lipstick application, these are the tools for you. I certainly couldn’t live without them in my make-up box!

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